How to install a CMS using Fantastico

Fantastico is an advanced script auto installer which allows each user to easily have a certain software on your web site. Currently, Fantastico can easily install software like CMS, blogs, forums, shopping carts, galleries.

In Fantastico you have a list of the most popular and widely used open source software. With just a few clicks you can set up a CMS, blog, shopping cart on your web site.

How to use Fantastico to install an application

  1. Login to CPanel
  2. Click on Fantastico De Luxe in the Software/services section.Fantastico-De-Luxe
  3. Choose your application eg. WordPress and Click New
  4. Enter a name in the Install in directory if you want to install in the sub directory, leave blank to install in your root directory, Enter username, password, admin, email, site name and description.complete-Fantastico-De-Luxe-installation
  5. Click Install wordpress

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