How to transfer emails from one server to another in Cpanel

If you want to transfer the email accounts and messages for a domain from one server to another, follow the steps below;

1: Before you can migrate email data to another website hosting provider
you must first create the email accounts on the new server. To do this, see how to create emails in cpanel

2: Login to the Cpanel


3: Open File manager


4: Select Web Root (public_html/www)


5: From the root directory, go to “mail/ Account”
All you really need to copy are the new and cur directories.


6: Transfer files to New Server

Place the new and cur directories (you downloaded from the old server) in the “root/mail/” of the respective account on the New Server. The folder Must be there if you followed step 1 .

7: Change DNS

If you followed all of the steps up to this point you should have all the emails transferred, you can now point your DNS to the new server, Propagation takes up to 48hrs

Test and enjoy 🙂

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