Why Domain propagation Take up to 48 hours?

We get customers call asking why they can’t see their domain names as soon as registering them, or after a transfer between providers. This is mainly because millions of DNS servers need to be updated with the new information which takes up to 48hrs

Domain name system (DNS) propagation’ is the updating of information across the Internet. When you type your domain name, the request goes to the name server of your ISP. It resolves the IP address of a domain from the authoritative name servers and the record is being stored in the local memory of the ISP name server.

To speed the loading of websites, each ISP caches a copy of DNS records for a period of time, sometimes up to 48 hours. This means that they make their own copy of the registrars’ master DNS records, and reads from them locally instead of making a direct request to the domain registrar every time a request for your site is made. This speeds up web surfing quite a bit by:

The downside to caching the master DNS records is because each company or ISP only updates their records every few days, any changes you make to your DNS records are not reflected between those updates. This slow updating of the cached records is called propagation delay because your website’s DNS information is being propagated across all DNS servers on the web. Once completed, everyone can visit your new website.

Here are very useful website that can help you track the propagation progress


If it has been longer than 48 hours please contact us.

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